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Armoires de Chez-Nous can design the most welcoming and comforting of country kitchens! This style is also known as rustic and is reminiscent of our ancestors’ kitchens with their typical shades of vanilla and brown.

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Modern kitchens are also a potent source of inspiration for our designers, who sometimes like to mix modern with other styles. Their lines are usually taut; their facades flat.

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Armoires de Chez-Nous designers know how to create aesthetic kitchens, but they also have a highly developed practical sense. Their pragmatic ideas are very useful when it comes to the contemporary style, which features ingenious ways to make your life easier.

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A kitchen or bathroom made to measure for you…

At Armoires de Chez-Nous, customer satisfaction is our top priority and we spare no effort in combining competence and creativity in our quest to perpetuate the impeccable reputation of the enterprise.

At our St-Eustache plant, about twenty specialists design and manufacture all kinds of kitchen cabinets along with other kitchen and bathroom furniture. What sets us apart is our almost obsessive attention to detail, a characteristic that also applies to the way we install our kitchens and bathrooms throughout Quebec.

Not only are we equipped with cutting-edge tools and high-tech equipment, we are also uniquely able to offer customers a wide range of beautiful materials and finishes!

Our experts can design, manufacture and install any kitchen or bathroom project, no matter how modest or grandiose. Let Armoires de Chez-Nous make your dream come true for you to enjoy over and over again!

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